WHO GOES?! I was not a hundred percent ready to go camping when I checked my dashboard. Initially, It was not exciting since I was at a phase where I was indifferent about where I was going to be posted. My heart was in Lagos.A couple of tears dropped when I saw my state of deployment and big thanks to face masks that I could hide behind. plays big girls do not cry by Sia For the first time after

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On Music And Love: What Is Your Current Favorite Song?

I know it, when I hear it! Whether I define myself as a music person or not, when I hear music that bangs, I jive to it and it makes my day. Sometimes, these songs are always on repeat until I listen to the life out of them. Other days, I remember an oldie, and the next thing is to sing or hum the lyrics out of the song. Songs uplift. They bring peace. Some days, it is the vibe

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A few of my favorite things. And fears too.

How do I explain that after living through a couple of decades, I find quite a number of things intriguing? Some of which happens to be my favorite things in the world. As we continue living and coexisting in this space, I am pretty sure that my list of favorite things would definitely increase with some leaving the list and a few goodbyes from me to some.I find it a bit of comfort sharing these deets with you Chum, so

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