What’s in a Name?

I went to the bank yesterday and I got the same response I always get when I tell people my name. Weird pronunciations, funny facial expressions and a mix of suppressed laughter or the linking of my name with a part of history. Sometimes, it gets uncomfortable until it does not. Overtime, I have learnt to embrace every part of me (which includes my name) that reminds me of who I am. Most times when we meet someone newly, we

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PLUS TAKING A CHILL On a daily basis, we encounter events and activities that either interests us, challenges us or pushes us to do better. Sometimes, we fall short. Other times, we give it our best. some of these events gets us entangled with ourselves, not being able to make a right decision, thinking straight or barely having a clear head. And it gets us wondering why our days are so choked up to the extent it’s choking us up

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A big shout out to everyone who’s trying to live in the future. Hollup! let’s live now. It’s pretty easy to see a whole lot of things being done wrong. At that point of realisation, we forget the many things that are fine, that are alright, that isn’t wrong. Different thoughts begin to dance in our heads like what if we could change a particular situation, a particular person or an event that has already taken place. Funny enough notusuallyfunny,

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