Only a Choice.


You don’t know anyone at the party, event so you do not want to go. You prepare for an outing and boom, bail at the last minute cause you are scared of meeting new people. You don’t like boiled fish, so you haven’t tasted it in years, you like someone but they don’t meet all the standards you set. It could be the Chin isn’t smooth enough, the chest isn’t broad, and the ass is not round enough. This is

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Have a Tote-ly Amazing Week!

What are you up to this week? Staying at home with my baby brother while submitting applications has been quite fun plus couple of assignments he has to do that I end up assisting him with. I would not call it fun if he has to choose between I and his teacher. It is called picking sides. Lol but what do I know? I finally saw the new episodes of one of my favorite series- New Amsterdam and all I

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WHO GOES?! I was not a hundred percent ready to go camping when I checked my dashboard. Initially, It was not exciting since I was at a phase where I was indifferent about where I was going to be posted. My heart was in Lagos.A couple of tears dropped when I saw my state of deployment and big thanks to face masks that I could hide behind. plays big girls do not cry by Sia For the first time after

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Taking it All In

taking it all in

I do not want to delve into much of what I have been up to of late. And if there is anything you must know; I am trying to storm through adulting, not particularly making intentional mistakes but picking up lessons to hold my hands to a safe place. It seems the year has been slow and I am grateful for that. I would have appreciated faster months because of my service year and the eagerness to experience change, to

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On Music And Love: What Is Your Current Favorite Song?

I know it, when I hear it! Whether I define myself as a music person or not, when I hear music that bangs, I jive to it and it makes my day. Sometimes, these songs are always on repeat until I listen to the life out of them. Other days, I remember an oldie, and the next thing is to sing or hum the lyrics out of the song. Songs uplift. They bring peace. Some days, it is the vibe

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I can remember vividly a post that was tweeted which I shared on the 1st of January, 2020. However, I cannot remember exactly who tweeted that but it read something like “this year, I am going to exist loudly.” This means I was going to take chances, to live fully and powerfully, live my best life e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y, be bold and dauntless, harness opportunities, post regularly (this is a big deal to me and almost like a chore) Read On living: is

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What’s in a Name?

I went to the bank yesterday and I got the same response I always get when I tell people my name. Weird pronunciations, funny facial expressions and a mix of suppressed laughter or the linking of my name with a part of history. Sometimes, it gets uncomfortable until it does not. Overtime, I have learnt to embrace every part of me (which includes my name) that reminds me of who I am. Most times when we meet someone newly, we

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PLUS TAKING A CHILL On a daily basis, we encounter events and activities that either interests us, challenges us or pushes us to do better. Sometimes, we fall short. Other times, we give it our best. some of these events gets us entangled with ourselves, not being able to make a right decision, thinking straight or barely having a clear head. And it gets us wondering why our days are so choked up to the extent it’s choking us up

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A big shout out to everyone who’s trying to live in the future. Hollup! let’s live now. It’s pretty easy to see a whole lot of things being done wrong. At that point of realisation, we forget the many things that are fine, that are alright, that isn’t wrong. Different thoughts begin to dance in our heads like what if we could change a particular situation, a particular person or an event that has already taken place. Funny enough notusuallyfunny,

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