How I know It Only Gets Better

Before I continue any further with Shonda Rhime’s commencement speech on YouTube, I am taking time out to bare my heart- my thoughts, opinions, and feelings on everything that has been to me. “Do the storms ever stop? No. But neither do the rainbows.” The above statement was said in a series I binged watched some months back- July. And to me, that was my reality at the moment. It has been silence and nothingness. It has been so much

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Only a Choice.


You don’t know anyone at the party, event so you do not want to go. You prepare for an outing and boom, bail at the last minute cause you are scared of meeting new people. You don’t like boiled fish, so you haven’t tasted it in years, you like someone but they don’t meet all the standards you set. It could be the Chin isn’t smooth enough, the chest isn’t broad, and the ass is not round enough. This is

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Always A Safe Space

a safe space

This is how it feels to know what to do, doing it while thinking it is the wrong move. But you just do it anyway because, I mean, trust your instincts. I knew I needed to steam off. To let certain things go including movies that had been on my system for close to a year (um, this is no longer about steaming off, it’s actually a storage issue btw). I just needed more space. And while I do not

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How Many Times Do You Become?

How many people do you become? How do I say I am creating a new me? More like designing the life I love. Of late, there has been a whole lot on my mind. From what do I know about myself to what do I want to change about myself. Even down to branding and just being. I would ask myself these questions and more as I search to get the answers. Most times, I end up getting worked up and worried so I just leave it. 

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Have a Tote-ly Amazing Week!

What are you up to this week? Staying at home with my baby brother while submitting applications has been quite fun plus couple of assignments he has to do that I end up assisting him with. I would not call it fun if he has to choose between I and his teacher. It is called picking sides. Lol but what do I know? I finally saw the new episodes of one of my favorite series- New Amsterdam and all I

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WHO GOES?! I was not a hundred percent ready to go camping when I checked my dashboard. Initially, It was not exciting since I was at a phase where I was indifferent about where I was going to be posted. My heart was in Lagos.A couple of tears dropped when I saw my state of deployment and big thanks to face masks that I could hide behind. plays big girls do not cry by Sia For the first time after

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On Letting Go- Things I Cannot Control

Before 1940, humans existed and were living a pretty comfortable life. July 6, 1928, slice bread was a thing already. This is to wade off thoughts that humans were dressed in animal skins. Cars and class existed and humans’ basic needs had always been met in one way or the other. Emphasis on the year- 1940. A plethora of humans have died, people evolved, trends came and went, and still, nobody, I repeat, nobody wrote a manual about adulting???? It’s

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Taking it All In

taking it all in

I do not want to delve into much of what I have been up to of late. And if there is anything you must know; I am trying to storm through adulting, not particularly making intentional mistakes but picking up lessons to hold my hands to a safe place. It seems the year has been slow and I am grateful for that. I would have appreciated faster months because of my service year and the eagerness to experience change, to

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A Year in Retrospect- 2020

DI SCLAIMER: In a bid not to hype 2021, you would see “the year”. know it is 2021. while that year is 2020. Actually, I can call 2020 with my full chest. Thanks for understanding Chum. 2020 was the year I had the longest breaks. And by breaks, I mean off social media. Sometimes, there was a need for the time out. Other times, it was the wrong vibes or anxieties. It came with a lot of tidings, a mixture

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What Is The Nicest Thing Anyone Has Said To You?

It is pretty easy to remember all the wrong and bad things someone said to you or says about you. What about the good stuff Chum? Click click, the picture was snapped. My roommate and I decided to go through the pictures and then, there was this particular one where I smiled so wide, you could see my complete sets of teeth (not 32 by the way) but you could see everything. I was smiling from ear to ear. It

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