Only a Choice.

You don’t know anyone at the party, event so you do not want to go. You prepare for an outing and boom, bail at the last minute cause you are scared of meeting new people. You don’t like boiled fish, so you haven’t tasted it in years, you like someone but they don’t meet all the standards you set. It could be the Chin isn’t smooth enough, the chest isn’t broad, and the ass is not round enough.

This is a choice and a chosen mentality towards that particular thing of course, but don’t kid yourself. Your personality isn’t carved in stone.

You could think podcasts, music, exercise and morning coffee are the best things to start the morning and it breeds you the best feeling in the world, but it’s really just a habit you dedicated yourself to adhere to and to find comfort doing them.

Thirty days without them and you’ll be fine. Fact, you’ll even feel relieved in a way and find new habits.

You think you have a soul mate whereas, in fact, you could have any number of spouses. You just chose to stick with that person. You could have evolved differently and still be very happy or sad.

You can change what you want about yourself at any time.

A friend wrote;

“I can say one thing today in conviction

I also know I have the freedom to change my belief.

It’s not hypocrisy, we grow in learning daily so I put in correction for instants it no longer works for my well-being.

For I am too multifaceted to fit in a box, to please others’ ideas of me.

I evolve with all that I am in honesty and in faith.

We’re constantly trying to find what works and what doesn’t while putting ourselves first.

I know I can say one thing in conviction today and yes I can also say otherwise tomorrow if I’ve gained better understanding of that matter.”

You see yourself as someone who; can’t play that instrument, can’t sing, is not fine enough, not funny enough, gives in to temptation or makes bad choices, but in all honesty, that is really not you or who you are nor who you can be.

You can change what you want about yourself at any time.

The way you see yourself, the way you feel about something.

This, in all honesty, is a RESPONSIBILITY and it can be tough but as long as you realize there’s more to you than just preference and surface details, you can change anytime you like.


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