On Letting Go- Things I Cannot Control

Before 1940, humans existed and were living a pretty comfortable life. July 6, 1928, slice bread was a thing already. This is to wade off thoughts that humans were dressed in animal skins. Cars and class existed and humans’ basic needs had always been met in one way or the other. Emphasis on the year- 1940. A plethora of humans have died, people evolved, trends came and went, and still, nobody, I repeat, nobody wrote a manual about adulting???? It’s eighty-one freaking years!

It is not that easy. After leaving this space for about four months, I could sleep well on some nights. While other nights, I am perturbed by things I cannot and have no control over.
I hoped an idea will jump into my head while writing and then, I’d run with the topic but sadly it is not so. It is 2:13 pm as I write this and I am stuck on what my friend, Frank said when I told him about the rot I found myself in. so, getting this off my head, fingers and Microsoft word feels way better than these thoughts living in my head.

How quickly time flies. I mentioned that this year has been slow for me, and it still is. So, without getting a memo, this is how the last four months have gone. Or is it because I said it was slow that it slowed down on me? (This is me attempting to train my mind to believe that the year is passing quickly) aha. So I’m hoping the angels pick up the pace just a little.

How can I be calm one minute and then be a whirlwind of ideas and choices the next? When I think about it, it’s crazy, and on good days, it’s even more so (make everybody get out). On other days, I leave you to your business with enough bread and tea. While drinking water and minding my own business would be the best alternative for me. I know I suck at this but the good news is I do better every dang! Day. And this, Chum is what keeps me going.

Here is a list of things I cannot control off the top of my head;
I cannot control what people think about me.
I cannot control people, their actions, and reactions and I am not responsible for their beliefs. I cannot control when the University of Benin decides to submit the hard copy senate list or when The Peaky Blinders would release a new season (cause I’ve been patient for so long)
I cannot control the nature of reality, and I cannot control when the pap does come out thick and when it does not. I cannot control the weather, the past, the exact outcome of anything. Ever. I cannot control so many of the things I would like to have control over.

Thankfully, the only thing that remains constant, that reminds me and keeps me sane is the fact that I have Jesus. Someone to talk to at any point when it feels like y’all won’t just get me. And I probably would not understand you either.

We are all alone in this together, like Dave titled his recently released album, and at this stage of my life I’ve found it to be so true.

Here are a few of the numerous things I can control;
I can control the way I treat other people, my mindset, I can control how I spend my time and how I react to situations, I can control living by my values and being present. In the same vein, I can control all these and more.

It’s 4:56 pm already and I am letting go totally of all the things I can not control and living wholly while I still can.

I find expression writing about life, style, and personal development even as it relates to our day to day activities. This is coupled with the fact that words have a lasting impact on people so I ensure to use them for good.

4 comments On On Letting Go- Things I Cannot Control

  • I like the things I can control too ❤️

  • This kept a smile on my face 😁😁, an interesting read… Love how you used different areas to drive down the point👌🏾👌🏾 but we can give peaky blinders a little more time na😂😂😂

  • Godwin Abuename Okokoro

    I find that the best way to move on with life in the midst of the turbulence and chaos of uncontrollably elements in my life is to focus on the things i can control and ensure that i give my best to those thing. I do not allow myself to be swayed or perturbed by this chaos, i bask in the peace and equanimity that i ought to let go and a let the chaos into the hands of the One who is uniquely qualified to handle them. Ultimately I relish the joy of God and enjoy His calm in the middle of the storm.
    Great read, thank you for this.

  • Godwin Abuename Okokoro

    By the way Peaky Blinders would be here when it gets here (February 2022), so CHILL!!! 😊😢😊

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