Taking it All In

I do not want to delve into much of what I have been up to of late. And if there is anything you must know; I am trying to storm through adulting, not particularly making intentional mistakes but picking up lessons to hold my hands to a safe place.

It seems the year has been slow and I am grateful for that. I would have appreciated faster months because of my service year and the eagerness to experience change, to breathe in a different kind of air, to change my environment.   I will not describe these first few months as a roller coaster though, rather it has been more like a film. Only, I cannot rewind or take it forward. I am watching while observing the latest happenings. The knowing that I cannot figure everything out at once while embracing this moment. This now and taking it all in.

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From conversations about procrastination to dialogues about consistency and commitment, I owe it to myself to take up space. My mental health has never been an issue but when it feels like I’m getting choked, I take a chill pill (sometimes, an overdose of those, I guess) getting used to the otherness of what is and what is not.

While being precocious about certain aspects of my life, such as my career, health, and self (a whole story for another day) I am finding more and more, the need to be calm while going for what I want instead of leaving them to unknown options and luck.

your story is what you have, what you will always have. it is something to own – an excerpt from becoming (Michelle Obama)

Without the need to accumulate any baggage or worries, it feels like there are some things that are better figured out on your own and when you ask questions, it is to know more or to know about the stuff you are unaware of, doing so with the simple reason that you desired to share those worries or seek answers different from what you knew. This has been my process of late. Not to care much about other people’s opinions.  And when persons ask me if I am fine or not, without much explanation or narration, I would add, ‘with a touch of pride or maybe certainty’, that I am fine. With the certainty that time will push us all forward.


I find expression writing about life, style, and personal development even as it relates to our day to day activities. This is coupled with the fact that words have a lasting impact on people so I ensure to use them for good.

7 comments On Taking it All In

  • Nice one darl!… I enjoyed reading every bit….On people’s opinion, it usually mattered to me most years of my life….Now I am walking into a new year and I have decided to do me and do what makes me happy too regardless of what other people say! T for Teinks😁

  • Well… You know how they say it – “we meeeuve”.
    I really just wish time pushes us forward at the exact moment we want it. But then again, we meeeuve!

    Nice one, Ochez.

  • “Commitment and Consistency”…..I feel life achivements are governed by these two factors…also something we all struggle with…well written Ochezz

  • Godwin Abuename Okokoro

    The last five months for me and like yours has been joy ride, although in contrast it seem to be moving at the speed of light. I gleaned a few things from what you have up here, one of which is the issue of introspection. I believe that for the most part, people don’t make a habit of looking inward and examining one self to understand our human nature and how best to utilize all that we have within us to become better and more efficient humans. The second is on the issue of “Questions” and asking questions. I am realizing that questions form an integral aspect of interaction and when we cease to ask questions, our understanding of the life around us diminishes. Asking the right questions is as important and giving an answer to a question. Thank you for these.

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