A Year in Retrospect- 2020

DI SCLAIMER: In a bid not to hype 2021, you would see “the year”. know it is 2021. while that year is 2020. Actually, I can call 2020 with my full chest. Thanks for understanding Chum.

2020 was the year I had the longest breaks. And by breaks, I mean off social media. Sometimes, there was a need for the time out. Other times, it was the wrong vibes or anxieties. It came with a lot of tidings, a mixture of soups and stews, the waves and tide in one bowl (we could call it the super bowl), And while there is so much to be thankful for, there are quite a number of heads-up and lessons.

On friendship: to love and be loved is one of the greatest feelings anyone can have and as much as that is not always the case, I have learned to value people. I was not big on making new friends this year. Felt it was more of growing and outgrowing certain things, beliefs, attitudes, and people. So, here is me hoping that I, Ochez, your favorite Chum would make friends more intentionally as I did not make any effort to explore friendship in 2020. Big thanks to COVID and no outdoor events. People come and go and no matter how much we talk about memories and how cliché it may sound, truly, memories are all that would be left.
Made just a friend in 2020, Teni by name and I am grateful for his life. He is a beautiful being, and oh, he writes too.

On love and acceptance: 2020, I loved. I love and would still love. Knowing the kind of nature I ought to exude freely, solidifies the idea of love for me. And how natural it is. And when it gets hard, I have learnt not to lean on myself but on God. To pray about the simplest issues even as to the worries in my head and how I need to feel peace. Seeking acceptance (did I say seeking? Pft scrap that!) knowing I am accepted and loved by the one who already loves me and basking in that reality makes it more beautiful.

In failures: failed an exam last year which ought to have been written in March (big thanks to COVID) wrote it in September and yeah Chum, We passed. A couple of papers coming up in March by the way. Can exams ever finish? *eyes rolling*

On disappointments: I thought the tailor was gon’ disappoint this December but she did not. Apparently, because I did not sew. Big treat doughnut still tastes the same. Plus thinking about it now, I cannot remember or experienced any this year. We move.

On joy and happiness: realizing I could make myself happy, I should make myself happy, I could pray about the reasons why I am sad, and I have enough reasons to be happy, meh, I pulled out my happy outfit and cannot get enough of the vibe. It is a choice that we have to make daily. I guess

On movies: Chum, I watched movies. I watched movies ehn. Eh, I watched movies. My current favorite series is The peaky blinders. After watching The bold type, All American, and two seasons of Money Heist, two hands up for The peaky blinders. Some days, I feel like Molly, with no fear. Brave, dauntless, calm and wild. At once. On other days, I am Arthur, scared of my actions, choices, and consequences. That aside, by the order of the peaky blinders, the peaky blinders win the series of the year for me.

Movies such as the little women, clouds, before trilogy (before sunrise, sunset, and midnight) are movies I will definitely watch again. I legit cried my eyes out watching them. I say that with my full chest. I know lowkey, some of y’all cry too when you watch a movie.

On pain: I felt it deeply running through my veins. The blood, lies, the scenes, death, Nigeria, sad stories. I felt helpless and so strong at the same time. I saw unity, I felt so much frustration and anguish as a result of the #endsars protest and how pain comes from the deepest wounds- the scars we do not see and the ones we see. How oppression does much as agreeing with saying no to violence, to things you are not cool or comfortable with. To standards you would not tamper with and the reality of Nigerian politics. After everything, if everything will ever finish, I am optimistic about this year. Of surmounting and the beauty this pain will birth from me, from my friends, from Nigeria and her youths.

On finances: I did not do much with finances or manage them properly. Neither did I invest. It was more of earn, spend, save, spend the savings, and repeat the cycle. 2020 was not the best of years for me in terms of finances. But I am 100% sure it is changing this year and this is not the proverbial counting your eggs before they are hatched. it is working towards it, doing my homework, and discovering ways to invest while earning more.

On music: I fell in love with Ed Sheeran’s music, his songs, his lyrics as well as singers like Noah Kahan. Explored other genres like country too.

On football: not a big fan of sports. However, after all, is said and done, in a long-distance relationship with Arsenal.

On education: during the lockdown, courses were flying up and down on Whatsapp, mails, telegram, Linkedin, and the likes. At some point, it was overwhelming as I started two courses on Coursera and Chum, I haven’t completed either as I write. However, I took a soft training course which I am happy I completed. It was apt and well, worth the time.

On self and positioning: to be prepared and no comparison.

On beauty and self-care: the favorite part of my face are my brows. I love my brows so much I am most times hesitant to carve them. Been taking extra care of my skin of late. No beauty routine per se except for a face scrub, organic soap, and lots and loads of self-love. It radiates.

On God: looku looku by Bode Brown is a song I am owning for the year! Fixing my gaze on him daily. On God. Always. I am perfect with Jesus revealed.

Self-development is key for me and I kind of deviated this year. It was overwhelming and ngl, I am still grateful for the growth so far. I tried thinking and searching for quotes each one of us can relate to that sheds more light on the happenings of 2020 and two things keep popping up in my head: 1.Lean on God and 2. Love yours- J.Cole.

Stay Confident

I find expression writing about life, style, and personal development even as it relates to our day to day activities. This is coupled with the fact that words have a lasting impact on people so I ensure to use them for good.

4 comments On A Year in Retrospect- 2020

  • Thanks for *this year* piece
    I stay OG and love mine

  • My year 2020 is summed up in a phrase which you rightly mentioned – to love and be loved. It’s as simple as that. And no I don’t mean only romantic love even though yeah!…. (Winks)

  • Great read. Witty as usual too. Well, I really hope “this year” brings in the fulfillment we all desire, individually. 💕

    And I’ve been trying to download Peaky Blinders, but I can’t seem to find the first three seasons on any site. 😩

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