A few of my favorite things. And fears too.

How do I explain that after living through a couple of decades, I find quite a number of things intriguing? Some of which happens to be my favorite things in the world. As we continue living and coexisting in this space, I am pretty sure that my list of favorite things would definitely increase with some leaving the list and a few goodbyes from me to some.
I find it a bit of comfort sharing these deets with you Chum, so don’t hesitate to share yours too.

My mom jean
A long deep sigh. For the love of jean and style, who else can imagine life without a boyfriend jean when skinny jeans are a bit too tight for a skinny bit like me. Of late, it feels like my skinny jeans do not do it for me again. So I’m gradually giving them the bye Felicia wave. However, still own quite a couple of them skinny.

Fear: That I cannot always wear a mum jean every time I need to wear a jean. There is also the yearning to try out other styles and see how they fit.

A hoop ear ring
You can’t go wrong with a hoop. Ask Alicia Keys. Ahahah. Having a couple of hoop ear ring that goes with virtually any outfit is something I definitely would be getting more of. I am not the I-ALWAYS-NEED-TO-WEAR-EARRINGS type. And the good thing about it is you can have it in various colors, designs and sizes. I see myself being a collector of ear rings months to come.

Crazy part: I hardly wear ear rings. Imagine having to look all dressed up and then, being reminded to wear ear rings. That’s the life I live.

My big pink towel
Soft, warm, mopping your body dry. My current towel is a pink big comfy baby girl that was actually gifted to me and is one of the things I place value on. I can get lost in it but it’s mine and so, it’s allowed.

Fear: I’m going to need to change it soon or get it a brother because it won’t always be the way it was. Big thanks to usage and passage of time.

Yeah yeah, not every of my favorite things are material. Lol. Family will always be there or would I say, be here for me. And here’s why; these are beautiful humans I have shared the major and minor parts of my life with. They have seen me at my worst and best and Chum, do I love them! And oh friends turned family are also included in this list.
My siblings are opposite of me and it’s the fact that my brother has to always buy me stuff and treat me extra special whenever I’m on my period that does it for me. From fruits to drinks to money. And the warm embrace from my baby brother every time I go out and go back home makes me see hugs as special.
Fear: That as we grow, I’m not going to live with them forever, and then, while having a conversation with my older brother, I am reminded that we are no longer the babies we used to be and that life is going to happen and then, we too will happen.

Big Treat doughnut
I know, I know their doughnut is not the best in the whole world. But no, big treat doughnut is it for me. Since the first time I ate their doughnut, I have not had any doubt about it. I, sometimes weirdly eat it with both hands (I get strange stares from my sister though, but we move) it’s their doughnut for me.

Fear: I fear that one day, they would stop making it the way they make it and it would not be as soft or fresh as it is right now. Or one day, they would sell to me a doughnut that is two days old and then, I would dislike it or worse, a rude attendant would attend to me and oh my goodness, I’m overthinking things now.

So that’s a wrap of my favorite things right now and oh, my fears too. Share yours in the big box 😉below and let’s connect Chum.

I find expression writing about life, style, and personal development even as it relates to our day to day activities. This is coupled with the fact that words have a lasting impact on people so I ensure to use them for good.

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