Sometimes, it feels like I give myself unnecessary headaches, taking paracetamol while trying to wrap my finger about how to journey through life. Since it’s a journey, I am fully down for enjoying the ride, every dang moment that comes, the good, the not so bad, the bad and boy, I really do not want to see the ugly. For the records, I am twenty one years old and I ain’t gon’ lie, life is real. Not scary. (sometimes though).

It feels like everything is popping up at my face saying “hey Chey, been waiting for you to hit twenty’. I should have known this earlier but grateful I am aware of everything that is happening right now. Valentine’s day happened weeks back and no lies, I actually thought about relationships and friendships, I thought about life after school and all, trying to be independent and experiencing life on my own terms (not fully yet, while asking lots of questions.) I am far from shy on trying to weather through this thing we call ‘adulthood’.

On Opportunities: I have been trying to seize the ones I can and saying no to the ones that do not fit while embracing the process as it comes. A month ago, I had a conversation with someone I look up to who made me realize that while I had a plan to finish “schooling”, serve, go for my masters, work, earn, spend, invest and settle down, what happens after? My response was to go back to the drawing board and to be honest, I have gone back having to erase and draw and erase again. I know with time, I’d figure it out. Right now, I’m still breathing. And this is how I cope with self and to think there is just one map for doing life, could outright be termed as scam because while we see the paths to tread on, there are going to be paths we did not see coming. There is disappointment, and then there is joy, there is laughter and there is excitement, there is failure and then there is forte. There is knowledge and then there is you, there is me and then, you again.

On Faith: Belonging to a community that you share similar values with helps a great deal. From sharing the same views about life, photography, movies, banking, partying, finance, writing, arts and so many other interests, having that one friend could make all the difference. I’m working on being more intentional and consistent with my faith and walk with God. I believe in the truth I have come to know, the knowledge of His presence in my life, the reality of the gospel- that Christ died, was buried and resurrected. That all be saved and the love of God I am confident in. This experience is it.

On disappointment: There is one thing to be rejected and there is another- to get a rejection letter or mail. Well, I got the former and it did really hurt. I tried applying for a couple of graduate internship opportunities (I could say testing the waters) . My friend- Emmanuel really pushed and helped me in ensuring I applied and got what I wanted. It turned out not the way we expected but we’re still going to push through. My sister tells me, “adulthood teaches you to be strong in the face of rejection”. I guess we are good to go.

On love: I don’t know if I still belong to the category of God when. I’m loving self more, loving my nostrils that pops up every time I’m taking a dope selfie, loving my stature and size, embracing my complexion and developing better healthy eating habits.

I’m also trying to be available to my friends when they need me. For some persons, Love is a deep word, for others, maybe not. I guess I fall under the category of it’s a big deal and so it makes all the difference. It is deep.

On media: or keeping up with the Jones (I think I should watch that movie though, if you’ve seen it, please tell me it was worth it.) I choose not to have any Jones in my life, like I said earlier, experiencing life on my own terms. But dang! I really should do something about my consistency online. The straw that finally had the camel cry was when a friend inboxed my two days message with “wow! Two days chat”. Nowadays, I just reply with ‘I am fine for yesterday and today’. Lowkey, it ain’t funny. But Chum, that is the only way I can keep up with self. (know of a better way, please share)

On Books: I am intentionally serious.*lol* how serious I am on reading at least two books a month. January was good, went down with ‘what I know for sure’ by Oprah Winfrey, had to read animal farm by George Orwell (big thanks to a book club I belong to- Wisdom of Words network) found it a bit of a challenge completing Big Magic: creative living beyond fear by Elizabeth Gilbert despite great reviews. Would go back to it sometime soon.

I am currently loving Pink; I love her music, her lyrics, after listening to some of her best singles and looking her up on google, she would go on to be added  to my list of “women I admire”.

I am loving Francine Rivers more and frequenting cupofjo.com

So that’s it Chum, emptying my head into digital monochrome. I just had to let it out. That while we are still trying to figure it all out, you would be fine as you go on and you are never alone. Adulthood could be scam or maybe not. However you see the coin, we are children learning how to grow up.  

Remember Tag- the movie, Hogan ‘Hoagie’ Malloy: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”

Stay Confident,


PS: What exactly is the point of the post? Well, just so you know, you don’t go through stuff alone. Persons go through it with you and you are never alone.

PPS: Did I mention that the weather has been blazing hot? Someone please play Majek Fashek, let’s have some water on us already!

PPS: Dear young adult, (if there is a word like that) let’s know what’s been popping. Kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section below and let’s connect!

I find expression writing about life, style, and personal development even as it relates to our day to day activities. This is coupled with the fact that words have a lasting impact on people so I ensure to use them for good.


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