A Recap of 2019 + Moving Forward

It is me stepping out of my comfort zone and seeing the beauty in staying true through and through.

On the first episode of “who’s got time? Keep ticking”. It’s the 6th of January and I felt this should have come earlier. Well, here we are. The tiny bits, the big ones, that made 2019 what it was are going to be spilled straight from my heart.

For me, 2019 was a year that came a bit too fast and left quite early. It was more like
“knock knock”,
Ochez: Who’s knocking?
2019: It’s me Silly, open up.
Ochez: hollup.
2019: Dang! I’m out.
I’m glad it came at all. I saw it and lived for every moment. On keeping stock, I would start with the “I knew you were here” moments.


Honestly, this is another way of me saying my lessons. I had plenty of them. From the days I could not make a blog post to the days my phone switched off on me.

From the days I felt so not good to the days that were worth it. From the days I felt like quitting blogging in it’s entirety to the days I really needed to thrive. They are definitely worth the mention.
From the days of postponing exams to speeches of “it’s all for a reason”.

I’m holding on to that cause I know it really is. And yeah, I know you existed. These days were not the best of 2019. They would not be forgotten. Not anytime soon. At all.

Switches mood to the “hehehe” moments.


This should have been the first part of 2019 I should have written about but what’s that saying of keeping the best for the last? That’s right. I graduated last year. I totally have to type that again. I graduated from the freaking thank-God-I-made-it University!!! I was super excited and I’m very much grateful. It is liberating.

Also, fellowship with God was always sweet. The ambience, the knowledge of his presence and it’s entirety gave me a kind of peace that indeed, surpassed my understanding.
Still on counting my blessings,


*I am grateful for the friends I made, the ones that stayed and the ones that are almost too stubborn so they are tagged as “silly or low-key rubbish”. It has been a fun ride.

*I am given to daily improvements, learning and living in the moments.

*I am given to studying to pass my professional exams.
*Growing my mailing list would be of utmost concern to me and thanks to you Chum, we’re pushing through.

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*I am reminded of the opportunities around me, the ones I need to seize and the little things I obliviously take for granted.

Interestingly, 2020 started off as a hunhunhunhun year (mimicking AY the comedian) for a “I’d think about it” me. It is me stepping out of my comfort zone and seeing the beauty in staying true through and through 😌

Here’s to growth Chum, to bold steps, to the joy in joyful.

Stay Confident,

PS: You got wins you wanna spill about your 2019? feel free to share below in the comment section. Eager to read from you Chum.

I find expression writing about life, style, and personal development even as it relates to our day to day activities. This is coupled with the fact that words have a lasting impact on people so I ensure to use them for good.

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