5 amazing ways my ideas and yours play together

He says a lot of stuff that makes total sense to me. She also initiates conversations that get me thinking, dang! you’re one of a kind. I also have a couple of friends that talk about unbelievably smart but you-have-to-believe statements that crack me up and in the middle of our conversation gets me thinking, “how on earth did I meet you?”. Plus they are not perfect and neither am I.

With the squad, nothing goes wrong 😎

I want to believe I’m not the only one that feels if a particular act can be done in a particular way, the world would be better. While dwelling on that thought, I’d shrug. Hypothetically, the world would be boring. yawns.

Our thoughts or suggestions in relation to a possible course of action determines to a large extent how we relate with persons around us, how we interact, play and mingle with people (friends or Nah). Our ideas indeed play together. You’re probably thinking of how seemingly one thought results to many actions, how persons resonate with one another on various subjects and issues as it affects us and our life styles. Sometimes it’s funny, other times – annoying and on good days, super cool.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
– C.S. Lewis

Truth is not everyone really likes to travel, interact, meet new people or go on adventures the same way you would love to and vice versa. And while this is a post about how well we interact, it also seeks to address the stones that are left unturned.

  • There’s just one of my kind.

It’s amusing when you find someone whom you think is a complete match or partner for you who and who at the same time really understand you better than anyone else. This is amazing because we could have many one of a kind while at the same time can not be that person. You’d always remain you. Who you are and what you do. Playing with you gets more interesting when we both realise and know that we are different species of the same breed.

  • There still exist a common ground.

To co-exist harmoniously implies we have to agree several issues. Knowing likes, dislikes, favourite artistes, songs, food, games, sports and many other activities unites us in ways that sparks interest and genuiness. For someone like me who gets bored easily, I prefer hanging out than playing games. This does not mean my friend has to be entirely one of a kind. Friendship is more enjoyable when you don’t fake it till you feel it. It’s real. It’s huma, a part of our existence.

  • We are opened to challenges.

I am not oblivious of the fact that life is good. In the same vein, we encounter challenges on a daily basis that either make us run or stand to embrace them and move on. Paraphrasing Friedrich, ” what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. And this is who we’ve come to be. We really do have much fun.

  • If you don’t say congratulations, who will

l? I will and If I don’t, you will. At different stages in our lives, we would need to pat ourselves at the back. Cheer each other up, breathe, live and laugh.

“Happiness is acceptance.”

  • There is still just one of my kind and yours too.

We play.

picture source: @joshuajinadu

Thanks for stopping by Chum. In what ways do you think we connect plus do our ideas as humans really play together? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below plus👇👇

Stay Confident,

I find expression writing about life, style, and personal development even as it relates to our day to day activities. This is coupled with the fact that words have a lasting impact on people so I ensure to use them for good.

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