A big shout out to everyone who’s trying to live in the future. Hollup! let’s live now.
It’s pretty easy to see a whole lot of things being done wrong. At that point of realisation, we forget the many things that are fine, that are alright, that isn’t wrong. Different thoughts begin to dance in our heads like what if we could change a particular situation, a particular person or an event that has already taken place. Funny enough notusuallyfunny, we know we can’t change what already happened.
We recognize the gift of a secure paycheck after we lose our job. And when we tragically lose a friend or family member, we wish we had told them every day how much we loved them. Interestingly, we are fortunate for many things that often slip from our conscious: to have a bed to sleep in every night, a job (no matter how boring it is), a bank account with at least a few notes in it, a university that makes us think, parents who love us, and friends who keep us sane. 
This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to change a particular situation or thing that we don’t like. It means that we appreciate what we have, who we have around us as much as we would want something better.
So many events occur that would warrant us asking questions about the present. It could be about ourselves- the image we see in the mirror, our looks, foods, dressing and a host of others. Truth is, we can’t have it all. Learning to live in the moment, being grateful for the steps you’ve taken and the decisions made would go a longer way than being sorry for what it is now or giving excuses why it’s not what it is. We thrive better when we are grateful — to take moments and people ,  even the weather  as they are. Accepting reality as it is, doesn’t mean giving up. It means rather than being busy complaining about the weather you don’t like, ask yourself: “what can I do with what life is giving me now?

We thrive better when we see the good and opportunities in things that don’t seem like it. We can do so much more when we are opened to learning, asking questions, knowing the reasons why they are what they are instead of complaining day in, day out- This doesn’t change anything. Learning, unlearning and relearning helps us get better in virtually every facet of life.
Today, I choose to be grateful for the things I have, the family I’ve been blessed with, the love I’ve been shown, the friends that surround me. Today, I choose to be grateful for the opportunities around me, the ones I’d seize and the ones I seize. I choose to be grateful for the meals I eat, the little things, the ones that count and the ones that do not. We can truly thrive if we really want to.
So there you have it, Chum, what are the things or events that are currently happening in your life that you are thankful for? Leave thoughts in the comment section below plus I almost forgot🙈I’m also grateful for the fact that I don’t have an 8’Oclock class today.

Stay Confident,

I find expression writing about life, style, and personal development even as it relates to our day to day activities. This is coupled with the fact that words have a lasting impact on people so I ensure to use them for good.


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